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Free luggage service for up to 2 bags when they weigh less than 60 lbs total

Our professionals provide unparalleled customer service on all of our Houston to Aspen flights, from beginning to end, to ensure your trip is unforgettable.

Wildcat Touring travels privately and semi-privately from Houston Hobby (HOU) to Aspen, Colorado (ASE) through both pre-scheduled and privately scheduled flights. Along with nonstop flight service, you’ll enjoy:

  • Private terminal access for quick, stress free boarding
  • Private luggage service for complete peace of mind
  • In-cabin pet accommodations so you can worry less about your furry friend’s flight experience
  • Complimentary snack and beverage service
  • Abundant seating and legroom so you can stretch out and relax
  • Clean, sanitized seats and trays with no sticky residue or mystery goop

Leave the stress of commercial travel behind, and enjoy a luxury, nonstop flight with no baggage claim or TSA lines. When you book your Houston to Aspen flight with Wildcat Touring, you get all the perks of a private or semi-private flight without breaking your bank. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your flight.

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SAAB 200 Charter Plane


When you fly with Wildcat Touring, you’ll enjoy your Houston to Aspen flight on our state-of-the-art SAAB 2000 aircraft. Redesigned from a 50 seat cabin to a roomy 30 passenger cabin, our aircraft is perfect for relaxing through your 2 hour nonstop flight. Oversized, reclining chairs ensure your comfort throughout the trip, and oversized storage areas make storing your items a breeze. If you’re traveling with pets, they will enjoy in-cabin flights, just like you! We never keep pets in under-storage.


Larger than the Saab 340, the 2000 combines near-jet cruising speeds with incredible fuel economy. This plane was developed under the same regulations and certification standards as jet airliners.

  • Redundancy of systems and performance requirements are the same as with all commercial airliners.
  • Advanced avionics for heightened crew situational awareness, are designed to enhance capability, reliability, and safety.
  • Crew training and qualification is also the same as that mandated for commercial airlines.
  • Capable of over 4,000 horsepower, the engine and propellers on this aircraft are the same as in use onboard US Air Force C-130J.